Shay Read

Sundance Film Festival

Art Direction, Environmental Design, Environmental Graphics, Strategy

Every year at the Sundance Film Festival, the Utah Film Commission creates a space for those in the film industry to learn more about the benefits of filming in Utah, including state incentives and production capabilities. This space hosts panels, parties and highlights festival entries that were filmed in Utah.

For 2016, we decided to focus on the history of film in Utah as a way to communicate the state's underrated, yet prominent place in the film industry, as well as display how the diverse and beautiful landscape of the state can serve as an incredible canvas for all types of storytelling. This was also a fantastic way to build on the Film Commission's new marketing campaign, "The Story is Utah."

This space needed to be flexible, yet visually compelling and tell the story of Utah film history. We also needed a fun takeaway for visitors, so I developed a coordinating set of buttons. We released two new designs each day of the festival as an incentive for visitors to return to the space for different events. 

The strategy and design was incredibly successful. Lots of passer-bys on the street stopped in after noticing the wall design through the window and wanted to snag a photo in front of their favorite Utah film. The buttons ended up being a huge hit with many people coming back to the space each day to collect the entire series.

Check out the Utah Film Commission article about it here.